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Capture the Banner

American River Area Narcotics Anonymous is having the Capture the Banner event. This event is put together by addicts that encourage other addicts to branch out and meet new people while supporting other meetings. The way it works is you have 5 people from your ARANA home group get together and go to the meeting where the flag is, you capture it, then bring it to your homegroup and wait for another group to come to capture it. Fun times!

Flag Rules:

  1. The American River Flag is a game for only meetings in the American River Area.
  2. Takes 5 people from another home group to go and capture the flag.
  3. All five people must show up on time and stay till the end of the meeting.
  4. If more than one group shows up to capture the flag, the group meeting address that is the furthest away get to take the flag.
  5. When a muti-meeting group has the flag, only one of their meetings will have the flag, not all the meetings.

“Please email flag updates to webservant@sacramentona.org for website updates.”

  • The current group with the flag is: Sunday – Hugs not Drugs Group.

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