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Note: Please do not add or change meeting information through na.org!


Changes for already established groups:

Please fill out the form directly below for changes regarding existing meetings. (For new meetings use the form under this one titled New Groups.)

When submitting the information please put any details regarding the changes in the notes section. If it’s a new address, please include the whole address including zip code. Please include the GSR name and phone number in order to verify anything that needs verification. You can type directly into the text areas, or copy and paste from another document.

New Groups

The form below is for new groups only. Once you get the go ahead from Area, and everything to start your new meeting is in place please submit the form below and include any notes about the type of meeting, any direction notes, room number etc. If you need to be contacted for some reason regarding the meeting, please put a note about it in notes and somebody will contact you.

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