• 24 Hour N.A. Helpline (800) 600-HOPE (4673) or (866) 565-2135

Help Wanted

Open Service Positions

At this time Public Relations is looking for people who want to make a difference! Come check out our monthly meeting:
Meets the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm:
Heritage Oaks Hospital, Rm. 104B
4300 Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95841

    • Presentations Corrdinator
      Public Relations puts on presentations for schools and other facilities. We need a coordinator to help facilitate these. Very rewarding! Minimum clean time 2 years.


    • Helpline Technician
      Assist with the helpline for incoming calls from addicts looking for help. Minimum clean time 2 years.


    • Alternate Helpline Technician
      Follow in the footsteps of the helpline technician, plan to move up to technician. Minimum clean time 1 year


    • Recording Secretary
      Record information from the P.R. meeting. Minimum clean time 30 days.


    • Literature Distribution Coordinator
      Distributes literature to facilities that want it. Minimum clean time 1 year.


    • Mailout Coordinator
      Come to P.R. meeting for details. Minimum clean time 1 year.


    • Schools Project Coordinator
      Coordinates our group to provide presentations to schools. Minimum clean time 2 years.


    • Public Image Coordinator
      Basically be the face of Narcotics Anonymous in the public eye. Minimum clean time 1 year.


  • Meeting Validator
    Go to random meetings listed on the schedule to see if they are still alive. Clean time reqiurement 60 days.


Guidelines for all Public Relations positions can be found here

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